Pink Panther 2

trailer-pink-panther-2Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) returns for another round of bumbling investigation in “The Pink Panther 2″. Clouseau is the famous French officer who saved the priceless Pink Panther diamond. To prevent the diamond from any further theft Clouseau has been writing parking tickets outside the museum where it is displayed. When several treasures go missing from a thief only known as Tornado, Clouseau is teamed with several specialist to form the “dream team”. Their mission is to recover the treasures and apprehend Tornado.

As Clouseau leads the investigation you see many flaws in their mission. When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen again, Clouseau becomes more focused on finding the diamond. During his search you see that Clouseau is usually on the right track, albeit a confusing one it usually is the correct one. Trying to convince his fellow dream team members: Vincenzo (Andy Garcia), Pepperidge (Alfred Molina), and Kenji (Yuki Matsuzaki) comes a lot harder than expected. These inspectors all try to one up each other and are unwilling to cave in as one being more knowledgeable than the other. Eventually the case is solved, but in what manner is the suspense of the film.

pinkpanther2-full“The Pink Panther 2″ was very unappealing to me. The first film was bland and dull, and was even surprised there was a second in production. I find it hard to know who this film appeals to. It is funny, but not a successful comedy to be enjoyed by young adults. A lot of the jokes did not land and were a complete flop, some even borderline offensive. I find it hard to see what younger children would find interesting about it, other than the fact that Steve Martin is falling down every two minutes. I found it to be quite a bore and was hoping to have more mystery, action, comedy or even suspense. Steve Martin as Jacques Clouseau was distracting, between his mustache and accent I found him very unlikable. I would not recommend this film. In closing let’s hope the case of “Pink Panther” is closed for good.

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  1. Lynn Canning says:

    The original Pink Panther movie was in 1963 with sequels in 75 and 76 and were very popular. They spawned the Pink Panther cartoons which were very entertaining on Saturday mornings. (Unlike the crappy cartoons now.) You said you didn’t know who it would appeal to and it would not be enjoyed by young adults. The attraction is to the people who remember the original series and the cartoons. Granted Steve Martin is not Peter Sellers and the films aren’t nearly as good as the originals, but if one goes to them expecting more sophisticated than the traditional slap stick established by the originals you’re bound to be disappointed. Us old timers knew what to expect and got at least two stars out of it.
    I enjoy your web site. It’s nice to have another place for reviews and giveaways.

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