The Uninvited

the-uninvited-movie-poster-11“The Uninvited” is a tale of two sisters. After the loss of their mother in an accidental fire Anna (Emily Browning) is put into a psychiatric ward after a suicide attempt. When she finally receives clearance from the doctors she returns home to her father and his new live in girlfriend. At least Anna has someone close to depend on, her sister Alex (Arielle Kebbel). When reunited they reminisce about the night of the fire and the tragedy it caused. Anna finds herself dealing with the aftermath of returning home which becomes even more confusing as she begins to see ghosts. Not only haunted by strangers, but also by her mother who is all trying to tell her something.

Anna runs into a former boyfriend who tells her he knows exactly what happened the night of the fire, insinuating it was foul play. Immediately Anna and Alex begin to suspect their father’s girlfriend Rachael (Elizabeth Banks) was involved. At the time of the fire Rachael was a care taker for the girls’ mother and on the night of the fire she was no where to be found. As Anna and Alex begin to look into Rachael’s past they find she is not who she says she is and has many secrets in her closet. In an attempt to save their family the girls try to convince their father of Rachael’s misdeeds, but will they be successful?

the_uninvited09Looks can be deceiving. Just when you think you know what is going on, be prepared for a major turn around. This film leads you down a road filled with obvious speculations and makes a complete u turn. “The Uninvited” is a definite thriller and could do without the horror factor. It just added too much into the film that was not needed, as the storyline on its own was terrific. Elizabeth Banks portrayed the evil stepmother perfectly and Emily Browning and Arielle Kebbel offered breakout performances to be noticed. Don’t be deceived by the trailer as “The Uninvited” has so much more the offer the victim, I mean viewer. Invite your friends and check out this chilling thriller.

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One Response to The Uninvited

  1. Joe Barry says:

    I had gone to the theater with great expectations, but in vain.I didnt feel that the movie was too scary.I may give it an average rating.there were several instances when the scenes didnt correlate with the main story.there were also some unsolved questions left unanswered.

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