New in Town

6a00d8341c7a0853ef010536ce2075970b-800wi1Small town boy meets big city girl in “New in Town”. The new romantic comedy starring Renée Zellweger as Lucy Hill an executive from Miami who has her goal set on becoming a Vice President to the company. What better way to prove to your president that you are qualified for the position than to travel to Minnesota and take on the task of restructuring one of their plants successfully. Immediately when the stiletto wearing Hill steps off the flight into the bitter cold and snow drifts of Minnesota you know this is going to be a real challenge. When she arrives she is greeted by a secretary and a realtor who try to befriend her, but in ways Lucy is unfamiliar with.

The initial meeting does not go very well and they estimate she will only last a week in the small town. On her first day at the job she meets some resistant and becomes determined to start initiating terminations, as things don’t look to be improved. Wanting to make Lucy feel welcomed, Blanche (Siobhan Fallon) her secretary, invites her over for a home cooked meal. Only to find it is not only a meal she is trying to provide her, but a companion. She has invited over the single smoking hot Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick Jr) to strike up a romance with. Unfortunately the plan foils and the two only offer sparring comments back and forth and wind up ruining the dinner. The next day Lucy is to meet with the Union leader only to find out it is Ted. The two share some more heated arguments, eventually deciding to work together.

new_in_town11During her stay in the small town she unexpectedly becomes connected and attached to these people. Determined to save the plant she comes up with a better idea to bring in profit and goes behind the president’s authority and moves forward on her own. Eventually making it a success and in the meantime she finds herself and something she did not know she was missing – love.

Renée Zellweger and Harry Conick Jr did have appealing chemistry on screen. I liked the comedy banter between a high profile city girl and a toned down small town boy. As appealing as the film may look it is a little stale. It did offer a new charming romantic comedy, but not much better than your average one. My favorite scene would have to be when Lucy steps out into the bitter cold for the first time thinking it cannot be that bad. Only to find when that wind hits you it is so much worse than you think, as any of us from Kansas City can reckon with. “New in Town” turns out to be another common romance flick with not much more to offer than a few funnies, but if you are into that you will get your money’s worth.

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