The Wrestler

wrestlerMore depressing than exhilarating is what I got from “The Wrestler”. Mickey Rourke is Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson, who despite his age and physical condition is still determined to enter the wrestling ring. Prior to his diminished state Randy was a glorified wrestler known for his golden long locks back in the 80’s. Now ‘The Ram’ makes his small earnings by performing for die hard fans at local events in New Jersey. Randy’s depressing tale only gets worse when we see he has no family as he is estranged from his daughter and only lives from the admiration he receives from his fans.

Despite his love for the ring his body catches up with him as it begins to shut down. When he suffers a heart attack it looks as if it is a sign telling him to slow down. After having surgery to repair his heart he is told by his physician to discontinue any enhancement medications he is on and not to engage in any wrestling performances as his heart can not take it. But how can Randy not enter the ring, as that is truly where his heart lies. He enters into retirement for a short period. In the meantime he is trying to regain a relationship with his daughter and strike up a romance with an exotic dancer (Marisa Tomei), but it is not enough to fulfill him. He lives for the passion of performing for his fans and can not turn away from it.

‘The Ram’ comes out of retirement for an exhilarating performance. I enjoyed everything about this film. The direction Darren Aronofsky offered in this film is one of the best for the year. Marisa Tomei proves that age is just a number with her stunning performance. All this pales in comparison to Mikey Rourke‚Äôs amazing and breathtaking return. Never has a character evoked so much emotion from a single viewer. I loved how not only you are seeing a struggling Randy ‘The Ram’ come back to his feet in the ring, but we also see the rise of Mickey Rourke to reclaim his much deserved spot in Hollywood. With superb direction and realistic and heartbreaking performances “The Wrestler” could be the best comeback for all parties involved. wrestler-5

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