Mr. Gyros Greek Food & Pastry

gyros16815650_stdMr. Gyros has been in the Kansas City area since 1982. That alone should tell you all about their success. I have had lunch from Mr. Gyro’s many times, most recently today. They offer the best gyros, possibly the only left around town. I prefer the gyro melt with extra tzatziki sauce. The pita bread is always a guilty pleasure and the meat is always fresh and tasty. All gyros must be devoured with the amazing cucumber blended sauce. Most of the lunches I eat from My. Gyro’s are to go orders. They always have our rather large order ready to go for pick up and the food is warm still by the time it is back to the office. I am always very pleased with the service and efficiency they offer to the customers. One of the best Greek places to eat at for a very affordable price.

Mr Gyro's Greek Food on UrbanspoonMr Gyros Greek Food & Pastries on Urbanspoon

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