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AMC Studio 30 recently opened the newly renovated wing of the theatres featuring Fork & Screen along with Cinema Suites. Fork & Screen features eight auditoriums that have been transformed into a casual in-theatre dining and movie watching experience. Upon arrival for your Fork & Screen visit you will be greeted by several AMC workers who will direct you to your correct theatre. If you have a wait until seating, there is plenty of space around the bar and surrounding areas to order drinks and appetizers. Once inside your theatre take advantage of the service offered. You will be presented with menus featuring a full bar service and many specialty cocktails, smoothies, beers and much more. Once placing your drink order, review the food choices. Many items to choose from. On my particular visit I choose the Caliente quesadillas and your basic cheeseburger with the parmesan fries. Both items were of superb quality and at a decent price. Service was quick and accurate. Feel free to ask for free refills on your popcorn or sodas during the movie with just a simple push of a button at your table and your server will respond quickly. At the same cost of the basic theatre experience why not upgrade to the primo movie package.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I have been to the Fork & Screen at AMC several times (each time has been a free show). The food is very good and the price is reasonable. I find the movie watching experience distracting though. Too much going on around you during the movie. Being short I also find that the lights under the table ledge are right in my eye line. I usually have to line up the menus to cover them up. I probably would not go to see a film on the Fork & Screen side if I had to pay for it.

  2. Kerri says:

    This was my first time at Fork & Screen. I had free tickets, and I would never pay to go back. I thought the food prices were high. I only ordered pop and popcorn, so I can’t judge the quality of the food. The service was very slow. It probably took 15 minutes for someone to come to our seats after we pushed the button for service. People seemed to talk more during the movie, too (Ordering food, going over the menu). I am glad I got to try it once, but it definitely wasn’t for me.

  3. Melissa says:

    I took my 8 year old son to see Race to Witch Mountain in Fork & Screen about a month ago and it was a neat “idea”, but…

    1. The food was not very good.
    2. The wait to order and receive food was very long.
    3. People tend to feel like they need to eat and talk as if they are at home.
    4. You are eating in the dark…which creeps me out because seriously, WHAT are you eating?
    5. The “tables” are too far away, unless you are a really large person, so you have to sit on the edge of the seat to eat.

    However, it was fun to try at least once, but I don’t think we’ll be doing it again.

  4. V says:

    I think this is a fabulous idea. I have been twice and loved it both times. The food was good, service good and the seats were really comfortable. I will go back and tell my friends. Very relaxing way to spend an evening.

  5. Giselle says:

    It was an interesting & fun experience overall, but if we return, we would make sure to get to the theatre early enough to order and also to eat our food before the actual movie starts. First of all, the eating trays are not exactly within arms’ reach. They are too far away, and you would have to sit on the edge of your seat to eat off of them. So you end up having to eat off of your left arm rest. But you still can’t see your food, so you have to move it back under the little light to organize it enough to eat it. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to manuever my meal so I could see and eat it, that it was too distracting to be able to watch the movie at the same time. This resulted in missing what seemed like the first half of the movie. The positives: the food & service were very good, including the quick response to the push of my red service button.

  6. Nancy Crossfield says:

    I went to Fork and Screen for the first time last week as my granddaughter wanted to go there. That will be my first and last time. The food wasn’t that good and prices too high, especially $4.50 for a coke is really ridiculous! I am retired and on limited income and cannot afford such high prices. Even the fancy high priced restaurants do not charge $4.50 for a coke! You can’t really see the prices on the menu in the dark so I couldn’t believe what I had to pay for lunch and cokes, unbelievable!

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