Tropic Thunder

“Tropic Thunder” will have you rolling with laughter. From start to finish you can not miss a second of this action/comedy. Starring in “Tropic Thunder” is Ben Stiller as Tugg Speedman, an action film star who is struggling to revive his stardom. Jack Black stars as Jeff Portnoy, a comedian who plays all of his own roles and is suffering from a heroin addiction. Robert Downey, Jr stars as Kirk Lazarus, a mega movie star who is trying to find himself. The three needy actors find themselves stranded after a few freak accidents occur and they come to the realization that they are no longer acting, but becoming the soldiers they portray. Tugg pushes forward with the filming insisting there were no accidents, that it was all a part of the production. The other actors do not agree it was part of the production so they decide to part ways and head back to the actual filming location.

The actors soon learn that this will not be an easy trek back. While Tugg is on his own, he is soon captured by deadly drug lords who quickly realize the celebrity that he is and insist on holding him for ransom. The fellow actors learn of his abduction when they come across a guarded camp site with him in it and decide they must try to save him. Once they put their plan into action, expect some of the best comedy scenes. Just imagine Robert Downey Jr as a rice farmer and Jack Black in his underwear riding a cow. It does not get much better than that. After the battle ensues, they go to rescue Tugg who wants to stay at the camp insisting he must stay with his “son”, a young friend he has made while imprisoned. With not much time left to escape will the actors survive to film another day or become prisoners? Definitely an ending you don’t want to miss.

Tropic Thunder is a hysterical hoot. Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr brought these characters to life and had some of the best comic material I have seen. They were not afraid to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. In this film it really paid off. You will want to make sure to arrive early to catch the spoof movie trailers. One in particular was my favorite and will be well worth the ticket price paid. Another shining moment in the film is Tom Cruise who portrays media mogul Les Grossman; you would never know it was him if not for the baby blue eyes. His best performance I have ever seen. Make sure to stick around for final credits as Tom Cruise offers his best hip hop dancing to “Apple Bottom Jeans.” Tropic Thunder turns out to be a very funny film with an immensely talented cast that will be the topic of any water cooler conversation. Be sure not to miss out on it.


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