Step Brothers

Will Ferrell stars in another comedy that turns out to be another miss. Ferrell is Brennan Huff, a forty year old who is unemployed and still living at home with his mother, and Nancy Huff is played by Mary Steenburgen. That is until Nancy meets a charming Doctor Robert Doback (Richard Jenkins). The two are instantly attracted to each other which intensifies while learning they have a common denominator. Robert too has a forty year old jobless son at home, Dale Doback, portrayed by John C. Reilly. Their union is made official with a wedding and eventually co-habitation. Moving in together proves to be more difficult than expected, considering they have two children who are spoiled and not ready to leave the nest.

Brennan and Dale immediately become competitive and try to control one another. Both are stuck in their adolescence years by refusing to take responsibility and age gracefully. Their antics get out of control and the two are punished as if they were four year old brothers beating each other on the playground, only now they are trying to kill each other on the front yard which is a scene that is very entreating and a crowd pleaser. Expect this to be one of the few pleasers throughout the film. After there explosive fist fight the two find they have more in common than they knew. They instantly become best-friends and as any best-friends would do, they cause havoc by playing karate, busting pumpkins and building bunk beds.

Much to their parents dismay the two get out of hand. As Nancy desires to have her sons happiness to come first, her husband Robert is very disgruntled by his son’s actions and wants to put a stop to their shenanigans. Will this be a disagreement the newlyweds can resolve, our will the honeymoon be short lived? Step Brothers started off with a strong screenplay. As most of us know someone living at home still that should have ventured off on their own by now, but has decided to remain in the nest. There are many comical acts to find humorous. Even the crude and plain stupid jokes are funny, but there is nothing new here. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly offered standard and expected performances with nothing original or spectacular. Half way through the film you find yourself wondering when it will end and if these boys will ever grow up. Another standard comedy where you can get exactly what you have seen before. I was hoping for more this time and sad to say I was disappointed.


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