My name is Jolene Mendez. Entertainment and travel are my passion.  At the early age of four my grandparents pushed me into the love of the entertainment world, which began with the love of daytime soap operas. This love has expanded over the last few years into film, theatre and television of all kind. For the last two years I have been lucky enough to be critiquing films. My reviews have been published in the Johnson’s County Gazette and online at Entertainment Spectrum. I am a current member of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle since 2008.

I am a HUGE animal lover. Some would call me the Crazy Cat Lady. I am the proud owner of 5 cats – Toby, Simba, Ella, Angel, & Freddy and 4 dogs – Rocki, Luckey, Alvin and Jodee. I believe 100% in adopting pets, spaying & neutering and that no animal is truly aggressive unless driven to it by its owner.  I am also a foster parent for abandon pets until they find their forever home. You can find out more details at Second Chance Pets.

When I find the time to escape my animals and work I love to travel. My husband & I have been blessed to visit beautiful destinations and I have posted reviews on the most fascinating locations to see and where you can find amazing deals.  Hopefully my reviews can give you some insight whether it is for what film to see on Friday night or where you should take your next vacation.